Duplicate Quote Arrow not working in chrome


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I recently moved my site to a new server.

Since moving.... A user noticed the quote arrow wasn't working when the quoted text is on the same page. It works fine when the quoted text is on a different page though.


This seems to happen on a chrome desktop - but I also have a report of the same thing with Explorer and Safari on a phone. However, it does seem to work on IE on a desktop.

I have tested with disabling addons -- and that does not seem to change it.

Any thoughts?
You may well be correct. I can reproduce it on an XF1 board.


It seems to work fine in Firefox and Safari but not Chrome.
The newest version of Chrome broke it for sure. Across 2 different forums soon as I go to v61 on Chrome its busted. Theme doesn't seem to matter. Was coming here to report the same issue :p

ETA: Seems to work fine on XF2 though. Call it a feature :) This looks really nice, digging the upgrade :eek: