Add-on Quick Reply for Guests (with captcha)

Hi, I am looking to get this addon created by someone.

All i need is to have quick reply enabled for guests and to have captcha enabled within quick reply as well as name/username choice.

Will pay for custom addon.


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For anyone who is planning to apply for this add-on, I've already coded it and shared the add-on with @Alex Yacimov but it didn't work out for him for some reason I'm not aware of. When I asked him to share admin login credentials that I can check whats wrong he replies back to me saying he doesn't trust me as some other dev already stole database blah blah. So code for this guy at your own risk. Good luck!
I only went to PayPal because you posted here...might I remind you. And that dispute isn't over. Remove your first post in this topic and I will let you be