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Add-on Need quick reply for Guest user without making any registration

I am looking for any add on so that guest users can make comment in quick reply box (like for registered user) also need default name like Guest or unregistered etc, if guest user can make comment with minimum effort


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@Martok, I think Brogan mentioned pretty much same thing while replying to this thread ;) for a similar question. I reckon he might missed word "editor" from OP from that thread and just got "quickly reply" like me :p.

There is one add-on but it sounds more like registration encouragement.
Also looking for this. Good feature I think nowadays with all smart phones...

Anyone have an idea how much time an addon like this would take to create?
No not with "quick reply" option like we registered users have. Guests have to click "Reply to thread" first. Small step one might think, but not on a smart phones... It's also more tempting to post when the textarea is right there.