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Quick question regarding links in footer


Well-known member
I've done some basic styling on my site using the colour palette, hardly any template edits. What I've noticed though is that I cannot see the Terms and Rules link that would normally be in the bottom right of the page because the text is black on a black background.

I don't want to play about with the palette any more so I'm wondering which style property would control that link, I've played about with the Footer properties but haven't had any luck yet.


Well-known member
Go to templates and filter them using the keyword CSS, find footer.css and look for the class ID called "#legal".

If you right click on your own forum and choose "View Source Code", you can see it uses this.

<div class="footerLegal">
<div class="pageWidth">
<div class="pageContent">

<div id="copyright"><a href="http://xenforo.com" class="concealed">Forum software by XenForo&trade; &copy;2011 XenForo Ltd.</a></div>

<ul id="legal">

<li><a href="help/terms">Terms and Rules</a></li>