XF 1.1 Quick Captcha Question

Yes if you think "allow both" should be an option, no if you think I'm silly for asking.

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I just got my forum hit by some automated spammers, I currently use the recaptcha system. However, I want to be able to use BOTH recaptcha AND question/answer, current default of XenForo is one or the other but not both (xor).

Is there anyway to enable this functionality, or to release a patch that would allow this to happen?

Chris D

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I've voted no. But you're not silly for asking :p

The thing is, if you've got reCaptcha and spammers are still bypassing it then they're probably human anyway. And if they're human then they'll get past both.
You're probably right ultimately. but I just went from 1 banned IP to 25 banned IP's all who registered and posted within 10 minutes.

I'd still like both honestly, and some other systems out there do provide this option.


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RE:CAPTCHA is horrible, it doesn't even slow spammers down. Enabling both will most likely just anger users legitimately trying to register to your site, while spam bots are either stopped by one or none. I am not against the idea of being able to do so, but I wouldn't recommend you doing so.

Me personally try to keep my CAPTCHA as unannoying as possible, which is why I was using RECAPTCHA up to now, cause it was working and so many are using it that most are comfortable with answering it.
The users in which I know I have and visitors, I know most of personally. The majority will and/or do not mind.

I would like basically for that radio option between one or the other to change to a check box to have one, or the other, or both, or none. Because I like reCaptcha honestly, but I also don't trust it 100% and I never have trusted any captcha 100% ever, even in my vBulletin days I did just write a module myself to have both their captcha + question answer anyway. But seeing as both options are already in here making this an officially supported option would be better than me fiddling with the code of the system.


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If you know most of the people, why not make your site invite only? IIRC there is a mod somewhere on this site that does that. RE:CAPTCHA is barely worth it, once they know where it is, and the image keeps getting harder and harder for people to solve, but not much harder for bots to solve. My experience is that RE:CAPTCHA doesn't slow bots down at all, so if you have both enabled, my guess is that you have a Q&A that stops the spam, and RECAPTCHA that does nothing. Just my 2 cents.
Actually speaking from experience of nothing vs. recaptcha in numerous systems out there. It's still better than nothing. No doubts in my mind on that, and never will be. Plus reCaptcha is directly linked to Google Books, which is an awesome project which I support whole-heartedly.

I understand all the reasoning against having them, and so on and so forth. But I would rather at least have the OPTION of having BOTH enabled, not "only one or the other". I'm not saying it's an end of the world situation. But I'm looking for it and I don't believe it's an unreasonable request.
Well, I definitely just erased more than 600 spam posts and about 400+ "registered spammer", oh and here's my IP Ban list if anyone wants it, this is more than 450 additions to my IP Ban List for spam.

Like I said before, not the end of the world, but a COMBINED anti-spam feature would be useful for people like me.
I appreciate the link, I'm at work right now, but will look through this soon. There's an odd sense of satisfaction I'm getting from banning all of these IP addresses though... and I use reCaptcha again now so assuming these are providing accurate information to that I'm at least supporting Google Books by letting them try.... I doubt it's accurate, but it's interesting.