Questions on affiliate commission programs

I hope that I used the right terminology for the title. The thing whereby you place Amazon or eBay or Google, etc, banner links on your Xenforo website, the visitors click it, and you get paid by the sponsors in various ways for clicks or purchases.

I know there is lots of info out there on the internet about this, but who knows what advice is legit or erroneous? Also of course the sponsors themselves have info on their websites, however they may have you do what is more beneficial to them than for us. For example, I think with Amazon you can do it by visitor clicks or visitor purchases, perhaps both but I'm not sure.

I trust the XenForo community for accurate info more than any of it out there...and so in a nutshell, could anyone or everyone please give a brief synopsis of what works well for them in this regard, and what to do for the best chances of success.

As always - Very much appreciated.

Thank you!

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Anthony Parsons

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Affiliate advertisers are completely and totally useless, outside of Amazon. Just like trying to make decent money from contextual advertising outside of Adsense is pretty futile.

Those two companies are really the golden nuggets in obtaining commission for showing their products / services.

There are always exceptions, though the rule is that those two will be where your money lay.