Add-on Email Validation Checker (high affiliate commissions for developers)


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There are many email validation services. These paid services check if an email exists. These services charge per checked email address and they give affiliate commission of up to 15%. So there is an opportunity to gain sustained income. If a developer would decide to create an addon for this, then they could offer it as free with affiliate income for the developer or paid without affiliate income.

The benefit for webmasters of using such service is that the number of bounced emails goes down dramatically. Email SMTP providers like Amazon ban sites that get over 5% of bounces. Email domains (gmail, outlook, yahoo, etc) blacklist XenForo websites as spammers if too many emails bounce.

With an email validation service you can clean the entire database from invalid emails and block invalid emails from being added to the database.

emaillistverify is one service with API and affiliate program. Their accuracy is very high. @eva2000 and @ProCom tried their service:
There are many others easily found through google. It may be useful to offer cheaper services as well.

  • Rebuilds: function to validate all email addresses in the system. (/admin.php?tools/rebuild)
  • Rebuilds: option to re-check invalid email addresses.
  • Rebuilds: option to re-check email addresses registered before/after a specific date.
  • Rebuilds: option to re-check email addresses with specific email domain.
  • AdminCP Options: setting to check new email addresses at registration.
  • AdminCP Options: setting to block registration if email is invalid. Display message to user. Do not send registration validation email to user.
  • Statistics: display domains with many invalid email addresses


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Unfortunately it is not that easy to check the validity of an email address. You will never get 100% accurate results. Many email servers do not reveal if an address really exists and is deliverable without sending a real message to it.

Offering such services is therefore not very legitimate and reputable.

S Thomas

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Could you please explain how our why the affiliate program would work with a xF addon? As far as I can see, they pay out for sales generated from accounts which you have refd (pretty standard for affiliate). That would mean we would need to verify that someone has joined through our affiliate, but their api does not seem to expose this kind of data.

@HWS the request is to integrate such a service, not to build the service from scratch.


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Could you please explain how our why the affiliate program would work with a xF addon?
Good point. In theory an affiliate program can work through direct communication from the script to the affiliate program if the script sends the affiliate credentials. However, I have no idea if the ELV API caters to that. ELV is quite responsive, so all it takes is an email to them.