Questions around customization, pre-sale.


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I am currently looking into two forum options, XenForo is currently leading so I would just like some quick questions answered before I move ahead.

The forum is to be integrated with a website I am currently coding from scratch. How possible would it be to integrate users and the forum itself, into another page design? I would not use full-width as this page, but a smaller layout. Maybe someone can come with examples if they have done it themselves.
The second thing would be users, is it possible for the system to let's say, automaticly import users from another database? Or is that something that would prove challenging?

Hope my questions are intelligent enough for decent answers :)

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I am not using a forum today, so importing was the wrong word to use. What I need is my existing, custom MySQL userbase to be able to user their logins for the forum, I would want to disable the forums own user registration abilities. I hope you understand now. And can answer if this is a difficult task.

// André