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Question regarding PayPal.


New member
I understand that the method of payment for an Xenforo license is PayPal. My PayPal account got limited over 6 months ago which has my card hooked up to it. Having said that, I propose two questions.

1. When purchasing (and clicking to go to pay via PayPal) do you have to sign in through your PayPal account? or can you do it without. Some products/services allow you to pay through PayPal without actually having an account by putting in credentials.

2. If the answer to the first question is Yes, am I able to use my card? Despite it actually being hooked up to my limited account.


Rho Delta

Well-known member
I have a business partner in another state, can I pay for half of the software and have him pay for half of the software or can we only do it as one payment?