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I am new to this Google Adsense thing and have one website that displays one advert and over the last couple of months I can see what the estimated and actual revenue I get from it. I now want to add adsense to another website however I need to be able to see what the actual revenue is for each web site and not combined together. Can anyone advise how to do this is simple terms (I find Google so hard to get a clear understanding using their help)...thanks
Create a new ad unit for the second site...

Then on your performance reports page:

There will be a link for "ad units". You can view each ad unit separately.

Alternatively, if you have multiple ad units on each site, you can create a custom channel in the "My Ads" tab and create a channel for each site. Then add the units for each site to their respective channel. Then view the performance reports by channels, instead of units.
Google now provides custom channels by site automatically. Under "Quick Reports" on the AdSense home page, click on one of the six options. On the next page, click on "sites" in the left sidebar.
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