question before order xenforo


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i select xenforo between other forum portal
but i want to know
1.i can for media-gallery use external video in style of ? and use this video in topic ?
2.i want use external ftp for all file attached by user and show in forum by external link. i can?
3.i can use mail service for my forum and send all email sended by this? for example or other service?
tnx for best system and i love xenforo system in my country


XenForo developer
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1. This isn't directly supported out of the box, though there are approaches to solve it using custom BB code media sites to match the particular URL structure you're using.

2. For files that people upload specifically? Not really. They'd generally be stored locally. There are some add-ons that can store them to things like S3, though they will still generally be read via a local URL.

3. You can configure mail to be sent through an external SMTP server.