Question about use of XenForo with two different user groups: is a second forum needed?


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I want to have two groups of people interact with the my Forum based business: as an example I will call them Athletes and Coaches.

I want to sell services to Athletes and services to Coaches. If they game the system and put in two different IDs to have a sneaky peak it wouldn't much matter but as part of the sales process would be best avoided.

Also the Athletes will want to chat with Athletes and vice versa, without their moans and groans being rebutted by "the other side". I intend moderating so that no real names are quoted etc.

Ideally one Forum, two pathways with restrictions on the user entering both. I am new and would prefer to avoid 2 Forum set ups and admin chores.



You can use two user groups with separate permissions, granting access to one set of forums for one group, and another set of forums for the other.

Depending on the nature of the services, you could use the Resource Manager, again permission controlled.

All of that could be enabled via a custom user field when registering - members would have to choose which.
Hi Brogan,

Thanks for the super-quick reply!

One more on this, and sorry to reveal how little I know, so "one forum for group A, one for group B" = 2 forums = 2 X XenForo licences??


It's one license as long as you're not redirecting them to different URLs or making the two forums appear substantially different.

If it's one site, with one forum only visible to one usergroup and the other forum only visible to the other then you're fine with one license. If you start to make it look like 2 different sites then you may need two licenses.

There's lots of discussions along that line and some official responses if you search but it comes up a lot :)

Edit for clarity: By "forum" we're talking about nodes, i.e. on here it'd be "Have you seen?", "Anouncements", etc which are different forums. Forum can also mean to the whole lot so it can be confusing.
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