Question about RSS Registered feeds


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I've recently started playing with RSS to grab content from various sources and automatically create threads in a news forum.

It grabbed some of the most recent feed items pretty quickly after setting up, now every 6 or 12 hours depending on the settings I'm getting new threads created - but it's from older posts in the feed.

Some are going back a month or so now. How fair will it keep going back or how do I stop it so that posts are only created when new content is added to the feed?

Chris D

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Unfortunately it will continue to add content from the feed until all items from the feed has been added.

Most feeds though shouldn't go back too far.

Eventually it will level out and it will have added as much content as the feed has and from then on will only add the latest items as they happen.


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Are you serious? That seems ridiculous.

I've just setup about 5 feeds from relevant sources.
A couple of youtube channels with hundreds of videos between them.
One is a local magazine with goodness knows how many articles already on it.
One is a press release feed with hundreds of posts that go back to 2009

If I leave them all to run I can see the thread count easily hitting the 1000's o_O

I don't need all the outdated info on my feed, just anything that's posted from here on out. Surely there's a way for it to only pull new content from after the feed was setup on my end?


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I guess I could turn on moderation for all them, switch the Fetch new entries every option to 10 minutes, give it a day to pull each post from every feed and then delete them all from the moderation que?

I dread the thought of having to sit there click the Delete action thousands of times though :cry:

Would that be the best way to do it?