Question about licensing.


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Currently I'm running a forum website which is running in another software.

I'm planning to move to XenForo but want to know one thing, is it allowed two installations in same domain?

My website is in turkish and we are planning to launch English version of it also it will be in same domain, same ip when we done it will be like same server, same domain but seperate XenForo installations in 2 different directories can I do it with 1 XenForo license or I have to buy 2?

We will also integrate the user database so single account will work in both installations.

Thank you in advance.


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You are only permitted a single installation per license.

You would require two licenses for that.

Chris D

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Two licenses indeed. But I'd have to question why you would have two separate installations rather than just making use of the language system and presumably multiple categories/forums to cater for the different languages.

There is, however, possibly add-ons that may allow it but I would recommend you check the license agreement first as two licenses may still be required.