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We consider moving quite a big forum to your solution. The problem is that our current engine is 13 years old phpBB with some mind blowing modification on board. I see some importing options in XenForo, but I'm not so stupid to believe it will work with our forum. So could you explain me or provide documentation how importers work? The source code of any existing importer will also be extremely helpful. Then we will rethink if we are able to write one suitable for us, and then we can make a decision of buying your solution.

There are built in importers for phpBB 3.0 and 3,1 (see the pre-sales FAQ in my signature for what is imported).

As long as the core table schema has not been altered, the default content will be able to be imported.

Any content specific to add-ons or customisations will not be imported.
Yes, if you are comfortable with PHP then you can look at the existing importer code and use it as a basis for writing your own, or extend the base importer.
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