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I have a VB3 website with close to 100K users and 180K threads. Over the past 4-5 years, a lot of these threads have been deleted (permanently) as they were either spam or flaming etc.

60% of my traffic is from search engines. If I import the threads into Xenforo, will it retain the same thread IDs? Or will it renumber them from one to 180K ? I believe that any user coming from Google would be redirected to according to the thread ID that was indexed in Google. If the thread ID of a particular thread were to change when I import them to Xenforo, then the user would be redirected to a different thread than what he would expect.

Can the developers please throw some light on this?

Thanks for the reply cedivad. However, my question still remains.

Lets say I have 12 threads in my database.

The URL of one of the threads in my current vbulletin forum is and this is indexed by google

Let's say I deleted the 5th thread because it was spam. Now the threads would be 1,2,3,4, 6,7,8,9,10,11,12. There are a total of only 11 threads in my database now.

When I import into Xenforo, would my thread ID be the same as that in the vbulletin (i.e. 1,2,3,4, 6,7,8,9,10,11,12) or would Xenforo renumber them starting from 1 to 11 (i.e. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11)?

Now if a user clicks the thread in Google (, would he be redirected to the 10th thread in my Xenforo or the 9th thread?

So to put it in simple terms, would Xenforo keep the gaps in the thread IDs, member IDs, post IDs etc when importing or will it just renumber all of them.
I appreciate your effort, unfortunately I am not savvy enough in PHP to understand that code :(

It would greatly help me in deciding to purchase a license if someone can confirm that my fears are just fears and not facts :)



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I think Mike has answered pretty definitively that the redirect script will 301 redirect (the 301 tells the search engine to update it's index as this is the new permanent location of the page in question) all your existing vB 3.x threads to the new urls in XF. If you're using VBSEO or other product that was already rewriting the urls (as many of us here are/were), then it gets more complex, but if you were using stock vB URLs you should be golden.

The thread ids WILL be different, but you shouldn't take a hit in your SERPs as they should all be 301'd to the new url.

Hope that helps!
It's not at all a waste of time :) With whatever little knowledge of PHP I have, I tried to understand that code, and I feel that, this code is redirecting the t's and p's (from showthread and showpost) to the corresponding t's and p's of Xenforo.

But my question is what are the corresponding t's and p's of Xenforo going to be? Are they the renumbered versions or are they the original? If they are being renumbered (I believe this was the case in Impex), would there be some correlation between the two?

Tigratrus, I am using vBSEO, and I guess Kier or someone from the staff did say that if I leave the rules for vBSEO in place, it should all work out OK.


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To clarify: all the old id's are kept in a table, and the redirect script will handle the 301 redir to the new thread even though the ids don't match.


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Haven't gotten far enough in my import testing to verify that yet... My understanding was that you would need custom re-write regex for an htaccess to handle the redir of the VBSEO urls. Problem is the specific regex will depend on what you were using as your VBSEO URL rewrite settings.


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I have deleted the post with the redirection script copied and pasted in.
That is a customer resource only.