XF 2.0 question about finding templates in xf2


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in xf1 i was using this javascript code as a bookmark in my browser to find out what xf template i was currently viewing:

javascript:(function() {XenForo.alert($('#content').attr('class'), '', 5000);}())
pretty convenient, as i just click it and it shows me what template i was seeing. anyone know how i could adapt this to xf2? it doesn't seem to work with it as-is.


Chris D

XenForo developer
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Most people who need this, shouldn’t be running debug mode. Generally people do it to identify templates to edit on their live site so not recommended to have debug mode enabled in that case.

Obviously possible to have it locked down per IP address in config.php but if it’s anything like my internet connection where I seem to have a new IP address every day then that’s just hassle :)