Query regarding XenForo Licence


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Hello Xenforo Community

I am thinking to migrate my vBulletin forums to XenForo, for that I have purchased XenForo basic licence. However the confusion is before attempting to migrate existing forum to the new ones in production I want to test the migration success in another environment. Once this POC has been done I will migrate the production website to XenForo.

So can I install the XenForo in another environments and do the test and later install same for the production website.

Also I want to run XenForo as a Container. Can anyone comment on my decision ?


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You’re allowed to setup a test environment as long as it is locked out of public view. Password protect the path from the control panel.
thanks for the reply, I have noted it. Please correct me if I am wrong, I need to create a separate directory/folder for test environment on remote server like when we do normal installation we create a directory/folder on server and upload the .zip(upload folder) files. Yes ? And password protect it(test folder) directly from xenforo cpanel ?

For example:
abc.com/community --- Main forum page
abc.com/test --- test environment (Password Protect this)

Also I have to containerise Xenforo, any information around this?