XF 2.2 PWA uploading images does not respect image resize


I was testing out upload image size limits and noticed using the PWA app it does not resize the images, but only does from a browser itself.

I chased this down for about 2 hours until I realized I had PWA app open and a browser window open (as another user).

Then I swapped users (regular user and admin), and found the PWA app is not respecting the limits set for resizing the image.

Is this a bug, or is it expected?
Certainly not expected, but there isn't anything special about the PWA that would affect this. There are some nuances to be aware of with regards to image resizing:

I had read that thread already and that's what led me to posting. In the browser, the image is resized and usually ends up being between 1/4 to 1/5 of the original uploaded size, but in PWA the exact same image results in being uploaded and stored at full size (no reduction at all).
The PWA is ultimately powered by the same browser you installed it from, and the attachment file size and dimension restrictions are enforced on the server, so it's difficult to see how this might happen. Have you tested this on the default style with all add-ons disabled? If you still encounter it, could you provide the original image (you may have to upload it somewhere else if it is resized here) and a screenshot of your attachment settings so I can try to reproduce it?
I've uninstalled the default style, so not sure how I get that back (currently using Dimension Light/Dark), but I'll have to wait until traffic is light (usually early mornings when most are sleeping) to disable everything and test. I'm using Chrome as my default browser, but tested with Dissenter for web version uploads (ands that worked perfectly) while I had been testing with the PWA app (which uses Chrome by default).
No worries. You can add a new style with no parent style from the control panel to recreate the default style. Using the same browser for both tests will help make sure there's no browser behaviors at play here too.
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