XF 2.2 PWA Icon Text question

Dixie McCall

Well-known member
Had a weird thing happen to the text under my PWA icon. It changed to "conversations" without me doing anything and now shows at the bottom of my "frequently" visited page on Iphone rather than first position where is was.

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
It appears there with that name because you must frequently visit the conversations page. That’s not unexpected. On my phone it is Reports.

This isn’t anything to do with you adding a bookmark or adding the PWA to the Home Screen, pages you visit most just appear there automatically.

But it hasn’t moved from my favourites.


For it to appear there you need to have added it to your favourites in the share menu:


You can also “Add to Home Screen” which basically adds it like an app on your Home Screen.

But this wouldn’t necessarily add it to your favourites as far as I know.

In either of those cases it wouldn’t have just disappeared on its own.

It’s either never been there or it was there and you removed it, perhaps unintentionally.