Lack of interest Push status out to Twitter and Facebook

One nice feature of IPB is the ability to send your status updates out to Facebook and Twitter, if they are linked with your account. I have a professional account for each of these sites. I never visit them, but I have a lot of followers on them. I can just update my status on my site, and it goes out to Twitter and Facebook, and to all my followers. It's a good way for my users to spread awareness of their projects on our forum, and it probably is good for SEO.


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I agree. I had IPB and used this feature as well.. There were check marks next to the status update and if you wanted the update to stay local (on your site) then you wouldn't select either facebook or twitter. If you wanted it to go out to one or both, all you had to do was select them. It worked great.

This would be a nice feature to add.

FYI, I found when allowing incoming content from Twitter and Facebook, we got spammed by users who registered once and never came back, with all their silly irrelevant posts. Or worse, they might start posting about a competing product. So the model of having your site updates go out to Twitter and Facebook works much better than allowing anything to come in.