Purchased the Amazon Echo


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Mine won't be delivered until ~ February 20th and I put in for an invite the first day it was possible. Can't wait.

I'm hoping by then I can change the wake word to "Computer."


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I still enjoy it. I set alarms to remind me of things easier than adding it to my google calendar. Play music/radio stations... ask random questions, hear jokes, flip coins when we can't decide something... Wikipedia things.
I have had my Echo for a couple weeks and for the most part I have to say I am very impressed, From the moment a courier knocked at my door to give it to me, its offered up one impressive surprise after another, Even the obvious special care with the design in packaging to the almost humanistic voice and lightning fast response time has exceeded my initial expectations.by leaps and bounds. The Echo doesn't understand a lot of words but then again neither does my 5 year old niece. If I could change one function I would say it would have to be her ability to transmit a signal to ALL Blue tooth devices and not just lighting devices or thermostats. For instance I wish it could send my shopping list to my Blue-tooth enabled printer so I wouldn't need to carry my $200 tablet into the grocery store when I go. I'd much rather not have to worry about accidently leaving a 5 cent sheet of paper in my basket. I'm glad I decided to keep it for myself and I still feel like I got a good deal and can't wait to see how far into the future it may grow.

Steve F

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How's is the sound quality of the music? Read mixed reviews on the sound being distorted at higher volumes or quality isn't on par with some cheaper known BT speakers.

The intriguing part for me is Alexa (Can you change the trigger word yet?) but some downfalls are the always plugged in bit and Alexa not understanding some of the simple things.
The speaker doesn't sound great with music (it distorts at higher volumes), nor does it have a battery option, so it must be plugged in at all times. If your preferred audio service -- such as Spotify -- isn't natively supported, the Echo is little more than a "dumb" Bluetooth speaker.