Publishing the install stats?

Jake B.

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Just curious if there are any plans on publishing the stats from the new stat collection in XF 2.0.2? These stats could be useful for add-on developers as well for deciding which PHP versions they want to support :) Even just basic data - 50% on PHP 7.1, 25% PHP 5.6, etc


XenForo moderator
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There will probably be a nice pie chart page added or something at some point. Though dont hold your breath, until we have more than day 1 adopters info, it wont be very accurate.

Chris D

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30% running PHP 5.x (most of those are PHP 5.6).
70% running PHP 7.0 or above.

We won't provide a running commentary at this point, and it's far too early for these to be indicative, but once we have a reasonable presentation for it (it's just a load of rows in a database at the moment) we'll provide an update.

Liam W

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Those are probably really skewed by developers (who are far more likely to update immediately) running multiple local installations.