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Could someone make an add on that allows users to see minimized soft deleted posts but not the maximized view?

This would allow users to see WHY a thread was deleted per the mod's description but not be able to see the original content.

With such a mod forums could show transparency in moderation actions to their users and help enforce and make people aware of rule enforcement.


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I'd like this as well. Previously I had edited the Post model and changed 'deleted' => XenForo_Permission::hasContentPermission($nodePermissions, 'viewDeleted'), to 'deleted' => true, which allowed everyone to see that the post was deleted, then with a template edit of the placeholder I made the 'show' link visible only to moderators and up. However users could still view the deleted content if they were savvy enough, or if they were using an phone app such as tapatalk, so I've since reverted this, but when it was live it seems my users did enjoy being able to see that a post was indeed there but has since been deleted. It added a needed clarity to a lot of instances where posts were deleted, either by moderators or the users themselves.

This in addon form would be best, perhaps where I could have a "View deleted post placeholders" permission to where they could only see the deleted placeholder with the deletion reason but not the post content itself.
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^ i did what lasertits did and I couldn't figure a way around the crafty folks viewing the deleted content :\


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So now there's at least 3 of us. Maybe a modder will come by and pick this one up for us ;)

Chris D

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There's so many things I'm already working on, and so many things I want to work on... this is one of the latter...

And I'm on holiday so I have even less time than I do normally...


I will look at this if I get time - anyone else can feel free to get there before me.


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So it's been nearly a month. Anyone have the time now? Really this could be a great add on.....


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Bump. I know our coder community is dwindling, but there is a ton of good ideas in this forum. Charge money guys. Most of us here do not mind the kickback. Money we have, coding skills we lack ;)