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Proxy Link-Forum 1.1.1

Converts link forums into proxies for actual forums

  1. Xon

    Xon Well-Known Member

    Xon submitted a new resource:

    Proxy Link-Forum - Converts link forums into proxies for actual forums

    Read more about this resource...
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  2. Xon

    Xon Well-Known Member

  3. Xon

    Xon Well-Known Member

  4. Xon

    Xon Well-Known Member

  5. Solidus

    Solidus Well-Known Member

    What's a usage case for this? If this makes the a link forum mimic the appearance of an actual forum, whilst also linking to it, I'm not sure what the use is. Willing to bet I'm missing something here.
  6. Xon

    Xon Well-Known Member

    That all it does.

    It lets you have a sub-forum accessible form multiple parent forums.
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  7. eva2000

    eva2000 Well-Known Member

    oooh i can think of a few useful cases for this on my forums !
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  8. Eagle

    Eagle Well-Known Member

    @Xon it's possible to add link main category?

    Main Category (link -> resource)
    -Main Forum
  9. Xon

    Xon Well-Known Member

    It only links with forums. Nothing else.
  10. Eagle

    Eagle Well-Known Member

    I see...

    I think the add-on should be develop then.
  11. Xon

    Xon Well-Known Member

    Allowing this add-on to target categories would be doable, but would require funding.
  12. Sentenza

    Sentenza Member


    I like it, thx!

    But unfortunately, it doesn't consider the post and thread counts from the subforums.
    It is possible to patch it?
  13. Xon

    Xon Well-Known Member

    Not without major performance or stability implications.

    For example; you have a forum, which has a child forum, and then a child forum which is a link-proxy which point's to it's parent. You then have a 2nd child forum which links to the parent of the parent.

    What is the last post from the root level that should be displayed when you have cycles like that?
  14. Xon

    Xon Well-Known Member

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