XF 2.2 Proxy is breaking image. How do I resolve this, please?

Stuart Wright

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This post
Has a broken image. When editing the post, the image displays fine.
But once it is displayed via the proxy, it is broken
How do I resolve this, please?
You should always use Tools > Test image proxy in the admin control panel to debug proxy failures initially.

That tells us why:

https://media1.giphy.com/media/g9582DNuQppxC/200.gif could not be fetched or is not a valid image. The specific error message was: File is too large.

There's a hard limit on the file size of proxy images. Some GIFs will be pretty large.

It's configurable. It defaults to 5MB.

However, what you may want to do is utilise a new option we added to XF 2.2 the "Image proxy bypass".


We implemented this explicitly because of GIPHY actually because we didn't want customers to have to store local copies of large images from a relatively trustworthy location such as GIPHY.
Excellent, thank you, Chris. Very useful information. Once I have changed the setting, to bypass giphy.com, out of interest, will existing giphy proxies then be removed, releasing disk space?
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