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Hello guys and gals :)

I was wondering how you can disable right clicking on the main logo on the forum, so actually people wont be able just right click or drag and save it on their computers


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It doesn't offer any protection whatsoever. Those users who are determined to copy & steal your content will do so anyway. No amount of JavaScript tricks and html source obfuscation will deter them. What it does is degrade the browsing experience of your average forum visitor by disabling an important mouse function. It only adds to the owner's false sense of security that the forum content will not be copied.

Not being rude to Borbole in any way. Just expressing my displeasure at the usage of many such scripts (in general, not just this particular script) which serve no purpose other than giving an illusion of security & protection to those uninformed.


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No thats actually kinda different; i have seen make website that right click was working like a charm, it was only the logo that you could not right click on it or you couldn't drag-save was like there was a layer on top of the picture protecting it


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A prevent right click alternative is to use a list to contain the logo:

<ul id="something">

Then in the CSS use:

#something {list-style-image: url(something.png)}

You can confuse them by not using logo.png but icon.png or something similar. Then hide the list somewhere in the middle of the code and use absolute positioning to show the list/logo exactly where you want.

Of course no image is safe on a website, this is just for preventing right click save or drag.


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You can't stop people from doing it. Sure there's a few tricks to slow them down, but it's hardly much of a stop if they really want the image.


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Additionally - people can cut it out of a screen shot, or using a tool such as the snipping tool that's included with MS Vista and Win7.


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If it will display on your browser you can get it. The only way to completely secure anything on the internet is to disconnect from the internet completely.


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That doesn't mean you have to go to the other end.....nor it means that you can't use some tricks to have some more protection...


Since 1984 people still ask that question, and in any media platform it is the same:


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