XF 1.4 properly make a subforum?

Hello I am trying to make new category above my "meet the staff" area with a new category on top.
I'd like it to say "meet the spirit team" and when you click, it will send you straight to their introduction threads. I Managed to make a new category but it wont allow me to post threads in it unless I make another "click here to meet the spirit team" and THEN it shows you the threads.... the problem is it feels like they are buried way back there :/

I've seen people have a sub category where they just click the category and it shows the threads....
How do I do it?
It would be great if someone could walk me through it. Thank you!
So if I wanted to make a forum above my forum category it would be a sibling? Child?

When I tried to make a forum one it just added it to my main forum list, I'd like to keep all the meet the staff in one section.