XF 2.2 Can I put question forums in a subforum automatically?


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Hi Guys!

I want my forum to be thread like but also want the users to have the ability to ask questions. My issue is that IMO most of the questions will most probably belong to a topic, that they simply would ignore.
So my solution for that was an idea that I put the questions in a subforum. Is it possible? For example I only set a requered prefix for only the questions and with that I move the topics to subforum?

Any tip?



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Get them to choose a prefix that defines the topic. Then have a number of search forums/subforums that only show a particular prefix

Thanks, but then what's the meaning of the option that allows to move a thread to a subforum if the prefix is selected.... if it doesnt work?

I modified the thread in the modification tools afterwards ... in that case it does work. But if the user creates a new thread with tht choosen prefix it doesnt move the thread anywhere.


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Sorry, I'm not entirely sure what you are trying to achieve. But if you want threads to be moved to a sub forum according to their prefix, I imagine you'll need someone to code that for you.
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