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XF 1.4 Importing IPB 3.x as a subforum into a new site

I created a new xenForo based website, and want to move posts/threads from the old IPB 3.x forum to my new (but already in use) xenForo forums.

I would be ok with not transferring the users (maybe guest_originalusername?), but it would be nice. I don't care about the ability to edit the old content.

Ideally, I would love to be able to decide where topics from 1 subforum go on the new xenForo subforum, but to ease this process, I can make it so I have the same subforums on both sites.

I don't see an easy way of doing this, so I'm trying to figure out what data I need, and do this process manually.

Is there a document showing the IPB tables that matter for the import process, and what rows I have to create for each topic in the xenForo tables?

If there is a better approach, please let me know. I'm dealing with 1,780 topics, and 169 members, so it's not a big site.
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I have a similar question. I want to know if I can move members from an old zenfore site running on 1.1.2 to a new one 1.5.0 so that they don't have re-register, and also any posts that I think should be transfered.

Is this possible?


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It's not possible to pick and choose the content when importing.
You would have to prune the source forum prior to importing.

Anything other than using the built in importers would require custom development.

There is a lot of dependent data and interconnected tables which all require to be populated with correct data.


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That's not a lot of content, so I would just do the full import and then edit/remove/move the bits you want after the fact.
The problem is that I already have existing content on the new site. I'm more than willing to do some custom work, but was hoping to find some documentation showing what I need.

Is there some sort of AddTopic() API call? If so, I could just export the data I need into a CSV file, and write a script which parses this data and imports it using this API.

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I've got a similar question. Any idea how I can import IP.Blog entries and comments into a new XF forum category? I didn't have a lot of blog usage, maybe 300-400 total entries across a dozen or so blogs, but a couple of the blogs were filled with valuable content that my members would like to see returned.
Do I really need an importer? Is there a query I can run that would insert an old blog entry into a new post? If I have to run the query 300 times it would still be better than the alternative — which is to have nothing.
I am working on a similar project and would like to know this as well.