Profile Post Character Limit Exceeded Notice Improvement


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By default, profile posts (and I think comments--someone please confirm) are limited to 420 characters. When you exceed the limit, you get this notice:

Please enter a message with no more than 420 characters.
That's very ambiguous in that you don't know how many total characters you have or how many characters are over the limit. I personally end up going to (I could also use OpenOffice Writer, but it's quicker to go to that site for something like this) to see where I'm at and how many separate comments I have to post to get everything I want to say posted.

Profile statuses, which are limited to 140 characters, have a count of how many characters you have remaining to the left of the Post button. Perhaps something like this could be added for profile posts.
Definitely need this. It has not been implemented yet has it? I'm still not seeing character counts on the comments. I do see it on the profile status update on the homepage for the 140 character limit