XF 1.5 Problems with warnings


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I created a test account to test warnings and when i warn the user for 10 points or any points the warning doesn't show up for the user and the user doesn't get banned.
You're going to have to provide some more details about the exact steps you took, what is happening, what isn't working how you expect, etc.

I have no issues with warning users and warning actions banning them if the accumulated points reach the required value - it all works as designed.
I went to their profile and warned them for 10 points to never expire and they weren't banned so I banned them manually and deleted the warning, their username was striked out but their title didn't change and I deleted the warning and reassigned it but then it changed to 20 points and I just wanted it to be 10 point. Then I created a test user and gave them 4 10 point warnings and the test user didn't get notified and there was no warning tab on the profile of the test account when I was logged into the test account.
A ban will only apply if you create a warning action to do so.

User titles will only change if you configure banned members to be added to a defined user group with the appropriate display priority.

Members will only be informed they have been warned if you choose to start a conversation with them when doing so.

Warned users are not able to see warnings - they are visible to moderators only.

i am not having any problems with the add-on. I have the test user 500 warning points and the account is still not banned. I still can't remove the 20 warning points from the banned user even though I have removed the warning. The points were set for permanent.
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