XF 1.5 Problems with Sitemaps


I'm having problems generating and accessing the sitemap on my site.
The generation problem is it stops after a few seconds and I must restart it, similar to the problems I have importing data when I install the program.
Is that a memory problem? If so how can I fix it? I have to do another new install soon.

Then I see the sitemaps exist in the internal_data/sitemaps directory (not where some threads here point to...).
But there is no sitemaps.php on my server at all to access it.
Where is that file? Or is there another way to access it?



Well I upgraded to 1.5.22 and it found the sitemaps, yeah! :)

I'd still like to know how to stop the upgrades/installs/sitemap generation from stalling out and needing restarts (about 100 times on an install!)