Problems with new installation.


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I just recently moved from vBulletin o XenForo. There seem to be some issues among registered users. Among the most prevalent 1) Safari works for some but not others. 2) Firefox does not work at all. 3) Bookmarks created by users simply disappear. There are other small problems I can't think of at the moment. The only thing I personally have a problem with is the bookmarks, which I really don't understand they are where they are. At the moment compared to vBulletin it doesn't compare. But I don't know for sure if it's lack of user knowledge or something else. I've seen manuals for Admins but not really for users. Admins will not support a forum. The users are key and it must be easy for them. Can you help.
I have moved the thread to the relevant support forum but you will need to associate your forum user name with your customer account to post there.
You have associated it now, so it's fine.

I can't help with Safari or Firefox - I don't use them, but everything works fine with Chrome.
Well I thought Firefox was gone. A lot of people use Apple and thus Safari.

Safari works fine for me. I don't mind telling people not to use Firefox but if it will access the internet it should work. Safari on the other hand is like a religion to some people. I use Google.

My forum ID (my forum; not yours) is simple Admin1

Hope you can help.

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