Problem with the server and XenForo


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Hello, I've got a problem with XenForo.
I have E3 server with xenforo and when there wasn't enough disk space we decided to move forum to a new more powerful server (SSD/NVME and so on).
But we faced with a problem after moving.
In just 10 minutes after mysql starts, it eat up all resources, under 6000 cpu and freezes.

All configurations is completely identical transfered from old working E3.
We tried another and default mysql configurations.
Alwo we tried to move xenforo to a similar server with SSD(no NVME) but the problem remains.
Error logs are clear.
In slow logs sometimes I can see queries related to search(with duration about 10 sec).

If you could help us, I'd appreciate it.

cfg mysql -
log mysql -


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We know nothing about your forum size or server (eg. how much RAM?). And do you really need 500 connections concurrently?


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The number of posts on the forum is 2 million.
Average online 300+ people

Server config:
2x Intel Xeon Gold 6130 2.10GHz
Memory: 128GB REG ECC DDR4 RAM
Storage: 2x 3.84TB Intel Enterprise SSD
Sofraid 1

Established 500 connections, as the forum is large.

We have included memcached. But what is with him, what without him the problem remains.


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Why do you have a Innodb Buffer of only 4 GB when your server has 128 GB of RAM? Or is the server used for other things too? If not, I would increase the buffer drastically, e.g. to 30 GB