How to install a certificate on the server and change http to https


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1) There are free ones available, your host may actually offer one.
2) Set your Board URL to https://
3) "Enable board URL canonicalization" [YES]


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Hello @Dan123 ,

Could you first, tell us if you use a VPS (dedicated server work too) or a shared-hosting solution ?

  • If you use a shared-hosting, you need to see with your hosting provider
  • If you are using your own server (such as VPS or Dedicated server), I recommand you to use Let's Encrypt solution:



The main website already uses https and has SSL certificate however, when it redirects to the forum/community, it doesn't have https anymore. May I know how to add one and make this site secure, please?



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Just to clarify, changing those Xenforo settings won't do anything except perhaps mess your settings up unless you already have a security certificate installed on the server.