XF 1.5 Problem with tags overview page in combination with route filter


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I have defined a tag "bookblogger". All threads tagged with "bookblogger" are visible at /tags/bookblogger.

Let's say I have a thread "test" with id 253 tagged with "bookblogger". The title of the content snippet on the bookblogger tag page links to /threads/test.253, which is fine. However, every snippet also has a link to the corresponding forum, in this case /forums/cafe. This also works fine in general, but only for forums where you don't have defined a Route Filter.

In my case a route filter is in action. /forums/cafe is routed to /mynewname/cafe . When you now click on the forum link within the bookblogger tag page you are still routed to /forums/cafe leading to a 404. It seems as if route filters are not considered on tag pages under some circumstances.

Any ideas what I can do?


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Can you show your exact route filter setup and a URL where we can see the problem specifically? There's no reason for route filters not to be applied in one particular case, but also, the old URL really should work in all cases.