XF 1.4 Problem with posting


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One of my moderators was trying to do a post, and this happened:

Report from moderator:
"When attempting to upload pictures for a new post the forum only accepts one picture. Any further picture uploads attempted see the forum automatically change the additional pictures to the very first picture uploaded.

~Attempting to upload Dudebros1 – Dudebros6 ~

~ All pictures convert to the first during the upload. None will appear in the post other than the first. Deleting any of them deletes the image from the post. ~

Once this behavior began it is almost impossible to post in the thread at all. Any additional posts in the thread appear as copies of the post above and then disappear upon reloading the page.

~ Attempting to write a reply….

~ Even if it’s just text….

~ Just appears to make a copy of the post above, with the picture broken. Refreshing or navigating away and then back again makes this ‘new’ post disappear.

I have replicated this behavior in FireFox, Internet Explorer and Chrome. I have also replicated this behavior at two separate physical locations across three different PC’s."

What do I do about this problem?


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Disable all add-ons and test in a completely default unedited style with all custom JS removed.


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I have tried using the default style with all addons disabled now, it's still doing this behavior.

We also discovered that if you quote the post above you, it actually quotes the post 2 posts above you.


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Please submit a ticket with an account we can confirm the issue with (with admin access ideally) and FTP details and we'll investigate.