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Hi there!
I have an major problem with xenForo Logins on nginx and tried everything foundable out.
The xenForo is not the problem it workes fine on an other apache server but I need to move it to nginx.
I'm using the newest nginx and php7.1, php-fpm and all requested sources for xenForo are installed, checked with the xenForo requirements script. Other Sites (like Roundcube) works fine. I use the default nginx site config for all sites with - so far - no problems.

Now, for the problem. When I login to my xenForo ACP the login works fine but I get immediately logged out. Some times I get logged out a few minutes later, when I change the site. On the user site the login works pretty fine als long as I stay on the forums pages (as the forums, member page, profiles, threads) and get logged out when I use a 3rd party site programmed by me (worked fine on apache without problems).

The xenForo Filesystem is owned by www-data:www-data and chmod permissions are set correctly.

In the php.ini file I set the correct path for the sessions to /var/lib/php/sessions and with an external simple script I proved that the sessions are saved correctly with no problems.

The timezones are correct.

No errors displayed.

Also I found out that this Problem Not appears on the user site if the "Keep me logged in" button is ticket. On ACP there is no such button and also I saw that the set cookies didn't get dropped, when I get logged out.

As long as I can say, everything works fine just the Login makes real trouble and I get out of ideas.
Maybe someone here can help me and find something I didn't see.

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Are you using Cloudflare?

I was about to ask about that, too, as I had issues with RocketLoader and Cloudflare. It was a while back but I think it did the same thing to my admin area as well. So, I turned Rocketloader off and haven't had the same issues.

I'm not sure if the OP uses Cloudflare or not, but perhaps this can be useful to someone. It was last updated 5 months ago. They did not specifically mention RocketLoader in the #2 section -
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