XF 1.3 Problem with language


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I have a problem with my language settings.
I created a new language, I set it as the default and updated the user settings:
UPDATE xf_user SET language_id=2;
but users going on a forum had in English, even though the settings were set to Polish.

So I decided to like in vBulletin delete English language (http://www.vbulletin.com/forum/foru...e-language-of-all-users?p=3238016#post3238016) but now I have a blank white page on the forum and administration panel.. :(


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You really don't want to modify the DB manually.

You can try rebuilding the master data via the install/upgrade system. If the system is working correctly, you should never get a blank page.


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Ok, i rebuilding the master data and restore xf_language table from yesterday and now it works. I think that the problem was in language ID, because I created two languages with set 'Parent Language' and later delete one of them..

Fortunately, everything is working fine :)
Do not delete the English language! :D