Problem with import of vb 3.8.5


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I just imported a vb 3.8.5 to test xf.
I have several private forums that are hidden from normal users. After the import has finished I see these forums in the admin panel, but I can't see them in forums index page.
Even if I make the myself a super moderator, I can't see any of the forums but one.

Is there any known bug with this?


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Tried everything in this area.
Nothing worked. Probably there were two accounts mixed up somehow. Setting every available option to "allow" didn't help.

I will try a re-import tomorrow.

Jake Bunce

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Note that while the vB permissions are preserved during the import they don't always function the same way in XenForo since the two permission systems are different. In particular, an inherited Yes can trump an explicit No in vB. This is not the case in XenForo.

I experienced this problem with my own import. My vB forum has an Administration section with the following permissions:

Admin = default permissions (can access)
Registered = custom permissions (can't access)

In XenForo this translates to:

Admin = all inherit
Registered = all revoke

I can't access my Administration section with the default admin user in XenForo because that user is a member of both the Admin and Registered groups, and the Registered group doesn't have access. A Revoke is overriding unless you explicitly Allow access elsewhere in the Node Permissions.

I suspect you may have a similar problem.

See this thread about permissions: