Not a bug Problem with images and reply boxes.

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I'm having a few issues with the Spacebattles/Sufficient Velocity Xenforo hosted forums. For example, the 'post reply' boxes on SB have black text on a black background, SV has little dragon pictures in place of the informative likes. And the occasional forum avatar or picture fails to load for me, especially on SV. Does anyone have any idea what is going wrong here?

After checking, it appears to only happen on my home computer. Could it be a problem with the settings on it?

Chris D

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I suspect that the administrators of the site/s in question will be better placed to help troubleshoot the issue, at least initially. They'd be able to rule out whether it is due to any customisations of theirs in the first instance.

If it is not something they are able to resolve then they would be able to submit a support ticket, post in the relevant forum for support or report a bug if necessary.

As general guidance, in the meantime, if it only affects a single computer/device then it could be down to the browser or OS version or it could be an extension you have running in that browser or it could be indicative of a network connectivity issue. So, feel free to start there, but certainly report it to the administrators of the forum in question in the first instance.