Problem with editing users


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My forum was converted from vBulletin to XenForo. I have a problem when editing users in Admin control panel. At first, this problem did not happen though.
When I edit primary group or additional group of a user, the page keeps loading after I click save. It keeps loading for a while, and then nothing happens. After that, it will work when I click the save button again. Sometimes I have to click and wait for 3 - 4 times.
Anyone knows how to fix this problem? Please help me.


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Do you have a lot of forums?

It may be doing a permission rebuild, which is a fairly intensive process. We are trying to figure out ways to speed it up in the future, though it's tricky.

Jake Bunce

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Right now there are two solutions:

1) Increase the timeout like I posted in your other thread.

2) Remove some forums. You had 36 groups and 189 forums when I last checked. If you can thin that out some then it will speed things up.

And as Mike said, they are working on a software solution.