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I encounter a problem with the Digidip platform (automatic links conversion for affiliation tracking) : if a user makes a simple click on a link, their javascript does not work and clicks are not tracked. Their script only works on my forum in the case the user opens the link in a new window, which almost never happens.

I read this thread https://xenforo.com/community/threads/link-proxies-significantly-affects-skimlinks.70857
and I think I understand that it may be due to the new security check that is made on external links and prevents their script to be activated (only on simple click ??).
I tried to activate the links proxy (solution which was apparently efficient for Skimlinks) but the problem is still there :(

Is there an other solution ?
Many thanks for your help !
This is likely down to the implementation of whatever service (Digidip, Skimlinks, etc) and how they listen for link clicks. The situation has moved on from that link proxy related thread; the link proxy is implemented differently now.

However, we are now using a method to prevent "reverse tabnabbing" which can interfere if other services want to listen for clicks. Reverse tabnabbing would be considered a security issue (in the vein of social engineering rather than anything explicit), so in 1.5.6, I've now added a config.php option to disable our tabnabbing workaround so that if you integrate with a service that also listens to link clicks, you can allow that to take priority. This is something you'll need to explicitly choose to disable in config.php though (once the next release is made).
Great ;)
I did the upgrade.

So is it the right syntax for config.php to disable the reverse tabnabbing ?
$config['enableReverseTabnabbingProtection'] = false;

Because I don't see any changes yet.
That's correct. I checked the URL in your customer area and it's not loading for me (is that the correct URL?) so I can't verify anything.
As I mentioned in my other thread, I noticed a dropoff in revenues since upgrading some forums a couple of weeks ago. Sure enough, I checked my clickthroughs and they had dropped substantially on all of them. One of my affiliates is Viglink, and I use a couple of others, so I would urge anyone who uses these types of monetization services to add this new value to config.php pronto.
Question for @Mike or anyone else: would having this feature enabled affect all Viglink affiliate links, or might it affect some of them and not others? They all use the same script. But, I just wondered if it was reliant on how a user might be visiting, in which browser, which forum areas they may be visiting, etc. My gut instinct tells me that it would affect all links, and not just some.
I've just confirmed it with Viglink: this change did not affect our normal links (which are only modified), but it did affect the link Insert feature. Once I added the new directive to config.php on my various forums, Insert began working properly again.
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