XF 1.1 Problem with create new Categories

Hello, XenForo Team.
We buy and use on our project, your forum. We faceup with general problem,
after some weeks on live server, users created many categories(about 100), and now process create new
category take long time (about 2 min), we see timeout error. It's imposible take about 2 min for create simple category? What is a problem? Your forum, don't have ability have many categories?

Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
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What is the exact error message?

It is true that having lots of nodes and usergroups can slow down the permission rebuilds at save time. How many usergroups do you have? There is no maximum number, but a slow server combined with excessive numbers of nodes and groups can result in problems at save time.
We have default number of usergroups 3: admin, moder and registered. It's important for our project have many nodes. XenForo display 2 typers of error: Fatal error: Maximum execution time or out of memory.
It's not possible increase this params on our server. How i can switch off this permission rebuilds at save time, and run this process via cron?

Jake Bunce

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There is no option to defer the permission rebuild.

Try adding this line to your library/config.php file to increase the timeout:

ini_set('max_execution_time', 300);
That is 5 minutes which should be plenty. But if your host doesn't allow you to override this setting then the only option is to ask your host to increase it on the server.

4 groups and 100 nodes isn't excessive. It sounds like your server is just being slow.
ini_set('max_execution_time', 300);
This is not good solution, than node create user need waiting more than 1 minute, it's very long and not useful.
Our server is not slow. It's normal server. Is there other way to solve this problem?


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I'm on shared hosting and have 20 groups and 300 nodes.

Rebuilds can take up to a minute but they have never failed.
Save node up to 1 minutes - it's very long. It's not useful for our project.
Save need take not longer that several seconds.

I have increased script execution time set_time_limit(300). But now get error
<br /> <b>Fatal error</b>: Allowed memory size of 268435456 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 271271 bytes

256Mb - it's huge memory usage for script!! Is this normal?