Problem with comment editor in XFMG 1.1.5

If you have any add-ons/customisations which increase the sizes of avatars used then this customisation is the cause.

If it relies on a template modification or similar then this may no longer being applied if we have made any changes to that template. You would need to seek assistance from the author of that customisation.
No such add-on in my installed add-ons list.

I just changed the wide of user info container in Style Properties: Message Layout to 160px days ago, and now I reverted it to test, but nothing changed.
It may be something you changed yourself.

The avatar in your screenshot is the "large" size avatar; I can tell because of its original aspect ratio rather than being square. We don't use that size avatar anywhere apart from member card and user profile.
I don't know why I can't remember any changes related to this.
Its was right, and Today I just upgraded my XFRM and XF and XFMG. No more changes.
Even when I change it now, it has the problem again:
Would you mind letting me know where could be the problem please?

I don't really know, to be honest.

By the way, the first screenshot looked similar to an add-on by Jake Bunce, "Big and Tall Avatars". Are you sure you don't have that installed?
I've just logged in with the account you provided by ticket, recently.

The large avatars are also being used in forum posts, too. Clearly something (such as an add-on) or someone (such as a staff member) has implemented that.


As you can see it is using the "l" size avatar rather than the "m" size which is what we normally use.

If you promote our account on your site to an administrator I'll see if I can shed some light for you.
I found "Posbit Avatar Size" in "Style Properties: ├ [UI.X] Threads and Posts" and changed it form large to medium, but nothing fixed.
Your account promoted.

(Of course we never changed it, and it was large since months ago, and it was right, but why suddenly it became in this way, I don't know.)

The issue is now resolved, but really it must have been something down to your style.

The exact issue is there wasn't an appropriate "left-margin" for the user info container property.

I've changed this for you and it now looks normal across the gallery and forum.

I have reverted back to using the medium avatars so you may wish to look at re-enabling the large ones again. Hopefully you won't see any issues, but if you do this is definitely the kind of thing you would need to contact the style author about.

Good luck!
Thank Chris.

I really didn't know it is something with my style.

Also developer of my style that is also developer of one of my important add-on is not really active nowadays and he supports really really slowly (and sometime its better to say no appropriate support)

Thanks again
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