Problem with a Rogue Advertisement


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I seem to have what I'm going to call a "Rogue" advertisement. This rogue ad only appears on mobile via a browser (Chrome or Safari) only appears in the footer area...and it's an ad that's "persistent" (stays in place in the footer area as you scroll the page up & down on a mobile device).

This ad does not appear when viewing the site on PC...which is why I'm stumped (I do not have any special ads setup for mobile). I've checked each individual Xenforo template that has advertiser code inserted into it...and can't find anything out of place.

I've turned off all ads on the website (except for sidebar ads) see if this would help identify the rogue ad...and this persistent footer ad on mobile is still there. The rogue ad does not appear on the forum_list page (home page)...but does appear on the forum_view and thread_view pages.

Since this issue is only on mobile via there somewhere in the AdminCP I should be looking that maybe I haven't been looking?