XF 1.4 Problem with 2 usergroups Styling Priority.


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Hello there.

I am having trouble with styling priorities of two usergroups. First i wish to know, is it possible to have 2 usergroups that, usergroup a) (priority 40) has no username css but a banner, usergroup b) (priority 30) has css username and a banner.
How can i work with Styling Priorities so i can have the a) group banner and b) group css username? Or is it not possible?

If it's not, then i bugged xenforo, made the 2 usergroups the same styling priority, it kinda worked, however, it replaced ALL usergroups styling of users inside that group (the username css only), the b) usergroup with a priority of 30, replaced the css of usergroups with 1000, forcing the me to rebuild caches to fix it.

Hope you understand what i mean, trying to get a lower priority usergroup username css to exist on a higher priority usergroup that doesn't have username css, replacing only, the usergroup banner.



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The display styling comes from the highest priority value; when it comes to username CSS, the top always wins. When it comes to user banners, they cascade down from the highest priority and either all banners or the highest priority one will be displayed.

If you only want one banner to be displayed, then what you're after isn't possible out of the box. If you will have multiple banners, then the group with CSS and a banner would need to have a higher priority.


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Oh, okay then. I had the idea Xenforo would look for the higher username css if the highest usergroup didn't had it customized, so then yes, would display the higher group banner and the lower group username css.