XF 2.2 Problem searching for a 4-character word


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In my forum it is not possible to search with less than 5 characters even though I repeatedly set it to 4 and rebuilt the search index.
I downloaded the forum to a local server and the search name works - which means the problem is with the server.
[However, it should be noted that I also have a PHPBB forum on the same server and the search name works on 3 characters].
Is the problem with the server?

I asked my storage service people to change the
to 4
And they claimed that since I'm on shared storage they can't make these changes.
Is this claim true, and what can be done?
If your host refuses to change the minimum word length then your only option is to switch hosts.

I would have suggested XF Enhanced Search but as you are on shared hosting, they likely won't support that.
Screenshot (98).webp

All I can say for sure is that I am using the above and we search the term dn all the time because it's short for domain name.

The only issue I have is if I search red it does not return my results for red.ca, I have to run a separate search for red.ca or red.com.

I wish if I searched red it would also show red.ca and red.com etc.

But like I said, I can search down to two letters.
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