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Problem adding facebook

I've been following this guide to add facebook:
Setting up Facebook, Twitter & Google Integration

But I'm stuck at step 7.

The guide says to move the slider to 'yes', but I can't It says I need to submit the app for review first. And when I try to do that it says I can't until I have provided the following...
  • Your app must have App Icon set. Please visit App Details to add one.
  • Your app must have Long Description set. Please visit App Details to add one.
  • Your app must have Privacy Policy URL set. Please visit App Details to add one.
I'm not sure what to use as an Icon... where will this be viewable by other people?
I'm guessing the long description doesn't particularly matter?
And what do I use as the privacy policy URL?

Can anyone help please?


XenForo moderator
Staff member
Use an icon which represents your forum.

Ditto for the rest,

This is really something better off asked from Facebook support as it relates to the app.
Well, I'm asking what other Xenforo-specific users are entering for these fields, particularly for the privacy policy, since I have no idea what to do for that.

So in that sense the question is more suitable here.
Yes it is! I'm asking something which SPECIFICALLY pertains to xenforo users. I don't understand why are you being obtuse about it. I'm clearly asking a question which is about XenForo.

Is facebook integration a part of XF? Yes? So this is relevant to XF support.

If you don't want to help then fine... Ignore the thread and leave it for other people to reply to. Simple.


XenForo moderator
Staff member
We provide support for the XenForo software, not third party apps which interface with it.

The equivalent would be askng Facebook for support on setting up your XenForo ACP to get Facebook integration working.